Four Winds Transportation

Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions

All mileage and time will be calculated by the METER application, which utilizes GPS location information.
All rides outside of the Albuquerque city limits will be quoted at the time of booking.
Baggage is limited to 2 items per person not to exceed 35lbs per passenger. Any piece of luggage labeled “heavy” or “overweight” are subject to an additional charge of $15.00.
A per minute waiting charge will be charged after 5 minutes of the customer’s being notified of the arrival of the driver.


All scheduled rides are subject to a cancellation fee of 50% of quoted fair, if not cancelled within 24 hours of scheduled pickup time, absolutely no exceptions. In the event of cancellation of less than 60 minutes of scheduled pick-up time or the passenger does not show up for the scheduled pick up the passenger will be charged the full quoted amount, no exceptions.


Four Winds Transportation Services, LLC. is not equipped with child safety seats. The accompanying parent or guardian is responsible to provide the federally approved child safety equipment for their children.

Inclement weather:

In the event the driver makes the determination that it would be too dangerous to complete your requested ride you will receive a full refund or be rescheduled.
In the event of a road closure due to inclement weather, this is determined as no fault of Four Wind Transportation Services, and we will refund the passenger 50% of quoted fare

Interruptions / Delays in service:

In the event of traffic conditions, accidents, road conditions, weather and/or any other issues that are outside of the control of the driver and or Four Winds Transportation Services, LLC. A per minute charge is applicable in these situations.
Scheduled Transportation – In the event of flight delays, there will be an $25/hr charge added to the original fee.

Right to refuse:

Four Winds Transportation Services, LLC reserves the right to refuse services to anyone in possession of a firearm (unless part of their luggage). If person or persons are determined to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or if said persons are being belligerent. We also reserve the right to refuse transportation of unaccompanied minors (under the age of 18).


Four Winds Transportation Services, LLC. Is not responsible for loss and/or damage to customers personal belongings and/or luggage.
Basic Cleanup: In the event of the passenger drops or spills anything within the vehicle during service, and causes the vehicle providing the service to have to take the vehicle out of service to tend to the spill the passenger will be charged a clean up of $50.00
Customer will be held responsible for any physical damage to the interior of the vehicle if damaged during the provided service, charges will be determined by the cost of repair.